Mussoorie Lights, Hotel Park View, Ashtley Hall, Dehradun


Enjoying the essence of Mussoorie in the city of love, Dehradun. Sounds interesting, isn't it?  💘
Mussoorie Lights is situated on the fourth floor of the renowned hotel, "Hotel Park View", which is just opposite to that of Gandhi Park (Ashtley hall). The interiors are magnificent. With an essence of leaves and cutlery, the luxurious wooden chairs and tables, bring the glory of this place. The seating is comfortable hence, one can easily laze around and have a chit-chat.

Comfortable seating

The kitchen

Rooftop cafe is "sheer bliss"

The entrance


I started with a very unconventional yet, interesting coffee named as "Ginger coffee" which literally blew my mind. It was the best beverage I have ever had till now. 😍 One may have heard and even tasted, Ginger tea, but if you are a true coffee lover, this one will treat your taste-buds enthusiastically. ❤
We were served with a bowl of Tomato, basil and Parmesan soup. It was soothing. The aroma was really nice.
Soup increases my appetite. Hence, I tried Zucchini fries with four to five dips. These tasted awesome with the soup, seriously! 😍 Dip the fries in the mayo dip and it will taste, great. I went on to have the balls of glory. Oh man! It was fantastic, honestly! 😍 The salsa dip gave it "Glory" indeed.
Cheese bombs were the ones, which captured my heart right away. As soon as I made it as a part of my appetite, I knew that, I made the best decision ever. It nearly exploded in my mouth. It was fully made of flour and cheese and a bit of veggies as well. Salsa tastes best with it. 😊

Ginger coffee

Tomato, basil and Parmesan soup 

Zucchini fries with dips 

Balls of glory

Cheese bombs

Now this dish has literally left me spellbound. A bell pepper, covered with bacon and it also has a cream cheese filling. Doesn't it sound heavenly? 😍 It was my favourite dish from the event. Chorizo pepperoni chicken bites were quite a bit similar to that of the previous dish mentioned, the only thing is that, it is chicken. It also tasted well. 😊

Bell pepper covered with bacon and a cream cheese filling

Chorizo pepperoni chicken bites

The diva of all! 😍 The showstopper. Rather I should call her my "SuperSaiyyan". 😂 Well its none other than Chicken drumsticks. Tangri ho toh aisa! Jo karein dhadkanein tez! Haha... It was succulent enough to entice my taste-buds. ❤

Chicken drumsticks
 Well, it's a very interesting dish. It is tasty as well as healthy. It looks luscious. Well its none other than, Chicken breast filled with spinach and ricotta. Once you bite it, you'll be able to see the spinach filling in it clearly. I bet you'll stare at it for a while to gulp this sassy thing!

Chicken breast filled with spinach and ricotta
Rajma chawal never tasted this good! Like seriously, I've always hated this dish but all thanks to Mussoorie Lights which grew my interest with its exotic "Mexican rice bowl". By the means of convention, we all know it as "Burrito bowl". I liked the sweetness embedded in it, which made it taste absolutely brilliant.

Mexican rice bowl
A sweet ending to this sumptuous brunch is a MUST. As I am a fan of waffles, therefore couldn't stop myself from ordering their Hazelnut Chocolate Waffle with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was amazingly yummy and the waffle was crunchy with chocolate overflowing from it. Absolutely, sinful! 😍

Hazelnut chocolate waffle

Guys! Do visit this place and experience a new gastronomic delight. I'm sure that, each and everyone of you will leave the friends with positive pieces of feedback.
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